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Small Business Website Launch Plan

Launch your website in 6 weeks


Your website is important because your business is important. You’ve worked hard to create something that this world needs, and your website can be one of your most powerful tools for delivering your message directly to the people who need to see it. More than just pretty images or catchy text, your website shows your clients and potential clients who you are and why they want to work with you. I am here to support you in creating a website that showcases the strengths and values of your business. So you can spend less time stressing over how it all looks, and more time actually doing this work you love to do.

In 6 weeks, we will create and launch your personalized website. For 12 months, you will have hosting and support covered. A plan designed with small business in mind, so you can get your site of the ground and have all the support you need to soar.


Week 1
Discovery Call

Week 2
Website Blueprint
Template Selection

Week 3-4
Site Development
Content collected from Client

Week 5
Content Entry
Review and Testing

Week 6
Website Launch


What’s included
An interactive prototype to finalize functionality
5-7 pages and blog
Current HTML/CSS best practices
Responsive design for a great mobile, tablet and desktop experiences
Analytics, so we can see how people use your site and learn how to serve them better

After launch each month includes
Website hosting
2 Website Content Updates (up to 30 minutes each)
WordPress Updates
Daily Backups
Security Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring

Additional Features
You can purchase additional features as needed, including:

Events Calendar
Membership Functionality
Custom Integrations

Contact us for an estimate on additional costs.

The Process

Discovery Call

In 60 minutes we’ll get crystal clear on who you are talking to, what message we need to communicate to them, and how best to do that on your site

Website Blueprint

We’ll create a wireframe diagram of your site showing each content area and the flow users will take through your site. We’ll also finalize what content is needed.

Template Selection

We’ll provide a selection of curated templates for you to select between.

Site Development

We’ll fully customize the template you select to match the wireframe and your content, branding, photos, and colors

Content Entry

We’ll take the content you’ve created and enter it into your site and get it looking great

Review and Testing

We’ll review your site with you and test in the last two versions of all major browsers and on mobile devices to make sure your site looks great no matter who looks at it.

Website Launch

Once everything is ready to go we’ll take your site through our launch process. We’ll let you know once it’s live and you can share it with clients, friends, family, and anyone else you’d like!

Ongoing Support and Growth

Your website and business will need ongoing support and care. So we’ll take care of keeping your site secure, monitoring performance and availability, daily backups, and more.



Upfront Payment

Due on project commencement

$50 / month

for the next 11 months


We want to make launching your website as easy as possible so you can start today. So we’ve designed the plan to spread the cost over the first year so you can get started quickly and get the ongoing support that you’ll need in your first year and beyond. 

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